By David Lynch

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ART: Vibey Minimalist Paintings of Los Angeles by Bradley Hankey

Inspired by the light and colors of Los Angeles, artist Bradley Hankey used a combination of influences from photography and painting to develop these minimalist scenes.

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"There is no smoking without fire"

Karmen Pedaru by Giampaolo Sgura for Vamp Magazine

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Too long

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Those days you wonder why you’re alive.

Alcatraz selfie

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#sanfran bound!

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Self portrait

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Marching in the mist

Photograph by Ryan McGinley; styled by Camilla Nickerson; W magazine June 2007. 

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SPOTLIGHT: Portraits by Christina Hoch

Gorgeous. Cristina Hoch is a young photographer from the south of Spain. Her portraits have a powerful, edgy quality.

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People watching

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Kevin Van Aelst
Cantor Series, 2004

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